Ian McKellar


Web: http://ian.mckellar.org/
Phone: +1-415-669-4266 (Google Voice, leave a message)

Key Skills

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer December 2008 - May 2009

Rdio is developing a subscription music service that will provide a streamlined music consumption and discovery experience through a web browser and on mobile devices.

Senior Software Engineer January 2007 - November 2008

POTI Inc is developing Songbird, an open source desktop media player that integrates web browsing, web services and broad media device support. Songbird is based on the Mozilla XULRunner platform and is written in C++ and JavaScript.

Senior Software Engineer June 2005 - January 2007

Flock Inc. is building a new desktop web browser optimized for social networking and media sharing. Since it is based on Firefox, the Flock browser is developed using C++, JavaScript, and XML.

Software Engineer April 2001 - June 2005

Danger developed the award winning Sidekick / hiptop smartphone. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.

Software Engineer January 2001 - April 2001

Eazel was founded by alumni of Apple, Netscape, Sun and Be to develop the Nautilus file manager and associated web services for the GNOME desktop on Linux.

Software Engineer 1997 - 2000

HarvestRoad was a web site and software development startup headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. They developed high profile web sites for local companies and government agencies as well as producing highly successful document management systems.

Other Experience


Open Source


University of Western Australia Perth, Western Australia